Art Therapy in a Play Therapy Setting – August 19

Overview: Art Therapy is a therapeutic process that uses art as an intervention to effectively work with children, teens and adults to address numerous issues. Art Therapy is integral to play therapy theory and associated models. Art Therapy can be utilized with individuals, groups, couples or families within private practice, hospitals, schools, centres, outreach, outpatient,¬†etc.… Continue reading Art Therapy in a Play Therapy Setting – August 19

Case Application – August 18

Overview The CAPT Play Therapy Certificate Program has provided participants with a broad array of play therapy models, theories and strategies to deal with a wide variety of mental health issues and disorders in the clinical world. This presentation will integrate the course material learned in the first five (5) weeks of the Foundation Play… Continue reading Case Application – August 18

Play Therapy for Children and Families Coping with Loss – August 16-17

Overview When children and adolescents enter therapy due to a significant loss, they are at a very vulnerable time in their lives. They are often anxious about the therapeutic process and reluctant or unable to talk directly about painful feelings. Therapy that is engaging and play-based can facilitate their expression of grief and loss. This… Continue reading Play Therapy for Children and Families Coping with Loss – August 16-17

Group Play Therapy – August 13

Overview Group work can be challenging, but it also is extremely interesting and rewarding. Many issues have been found to be better treated through group play therapy than individually. This course will help participants strengthen their knowledge and skills in being able to run effective play therapy groups involving children and adolescents. Participants will learn… Continue reading Group Play Therapy – August 13

Play Therapy with Adults August 12

Overview Although Play Therapy has been recognized as an effective approach with children, few practitioners may be aware that adults can benefit from this approach too. Play Therapy assumes that clients of all ages remain child-like within their internal processes and that everyone can benefit from nonverbal self-expression. Play Therapy interventions can allow adults to… Continue reading Play Therapy with Adults August 12

Play Therapy with Abused Children August 9-10

Overview Using lecture, student practice sessions, instructor demonstration and teaching videotapes, this two-day course will integrate foundational child abuse theories with directive and nondirective play therapy methods to prepare play therapists to meet the unique needs of children and youth who have been physically, sexually and/or emotionally abused.

Vicarious Trauma and Self Care in a Play Therapy Environment August 18

Overview This course will provide an overview of Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma, and Resiliency during the practice of play therapy. The importance of self-care in applying various play therapy models and care will be highlighted and participants will explore creative modalities for developing an individual self-care program.