REST in Grief: The Power of Stillness in Healing



REST in Grief: The Power of Stillness in Healing

Saturday, May 6, 2023  1:00 – 4:30 p.m.          

Presented by:  Suzanne
Trotman, Registered Psychotherapist


Society has taught us ways that have
shaped, and are embedded in our belief systems, which has heavily influence how
we should respond to loss of any kind.  We
have been given messages around how we should behave; how we should respond to
check-in questions;  how we should
express our grief and  how long we should
be off work after a loss of any kind, just to name a few.  We often wear masks and minimize our grief  to fit into these boxes.  In an effort to grieve in a certain time
frame we  hide, put on a shelf,  or bury our grief  and carry on which  invalidates the healing process.

This experiential half day workshop
will provide a space to promote awareness in participants of the importance of
‘Rest in Grief’ as the nucleus for healing.
Participants will discover ways that are meaningful in their context, to
rest in their process of healing from loss of any kind.   Participants will also gain insights to determine
which  practices can be integrate into
their work with those living with loss of any kind.

Outcomes, Participants will:

1)    Develop
awareness of the correlation of ‘Rest in grief’ and healing from loss of any

2)    Identify
and demystify societal expectations around ‘Rest in grief’

3)    Identify
systemic barriers around ‘resting in the grief process

4)    Identify
impacts of ‘loss of rest’ in the grief process

5)    Learn
ways to create space(s) for ‘Rest in grief’

6)    Develop
personal ‘REST’ framework to integrate and practice  in grief



Suzanne Trotman, Registered Psychotherapist

Trotman is a Registered Psychotherapist who draws on collective experience for
over 20 years in Early Childhood Education, Play Therapy, Attachment and Grief
education.     Suzanne has worked with
the following local agencies: Langs Community, Health and Wellness, Hospice of
Waterloo Region, Bereaved Families of Western Ontario, The Coping Centre as
well as in Private Practice.  Suzanne has
journeys with individuals, children and families as they navigate life losses
of any kind.  Suzanne led the
establishment of a framework at the intersection of clergy.



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