CATEGORY: Play Therapy Techniques

05 Attachment Theory and Therapy In a Play Therapy Setting

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Attachment Theory and Therapy In a Play Therapy Setting

Attachment theory and practice within the play therapy models is pivotal and integral to the healing of children with developmental trauma. This course will review attachment theory and introduce students to effective models for treating children with developmental trauma through play therapy and attachment focused therapy, including:

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Theraplay
Circle of Security

The course will also focus on how to use Play Therapy approaches to assist the assessment and treatment of developmental trauma, integrating the therapy models and approaches to enhance its usability and effectiveness with children and families.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Define attachment and attachment styles in both children and adults

  2. Understand developmental trauma and the fear driven brain

  3. Describe behaviours associated with attachment difficulties and developmental trauma

  4. Introduce Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

  5. Identify PACE attitude and the application in practice

  6. Understand how to integrate play therapy and attachment focused therapy in treating attachment


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