Children Of War: Using the Therapeutic Power of Play and Play Therapy Feb 10 2024




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Children of War: Using the Therapeutic Powers of Play and Play Therapy in
Working with Migrant Children and Families
A 6-hour online training for CAPT by:
Isabella Cassina MA, TPS, PhD Candidate & Claudio Mochi MA, RP, RPT-S™
(Lugano, December 14, 2023)
The number of migrant children and families is increasing worldwide. This situation imposes on a range of
childhood professionals reflections and concrete actions that can ensure effective psychosocial care.
Cassina and Mochi, mental health professionals specializing in play therapy and expressive arts who
have worked in high-risk settings internationally, will begin this experiential training by introducing the
fundamentals of the migration process, commonly used terms, the Avalanche Metaphor, and the Castle Metaphor
to establish a common ground with participants.
Then the concept of “Recovering lost play time” will be explored, and the rationale and main stages of
the homonymous project implemented within the Swiss Red Cross reception centers will be presented. The role
of the therapeutic powers of play and the professional trained in play therapy will be emphasized; in particular, it
will be shared how and when to include play and play therapy in a multilevel intervention targeting migrant
children and families.
Participants will be involved in a series of considerations that emphasize the benefits and limitations
drawing on personal work experiences: where to begin our intervention in the face of the many difficulties
presented? How to involve caregivers in the process? How to manage language barriers and ensure respect for
possible cultural differences? How to manage personal feelings in the face of life stories shared by children and
their parents?
The training day will be enriched by playful and introspective activities, videos and case examples.
Cassina and Mochi’s work in crisis and migration contexts is available in the book Play Therapy and Expressive
Arts in a Complex and Dynamic World: Opportunities and Challenges Inside and Outside the Playroom
(Cassina, Mochi & Stagnitti, 2023) and in a series of publications in 2024.


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